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Pt Suresh sharma (LOVE MARRIAGE PROBLEM) ExpertLOVE MARRIAGE PROBLEM  is a sensation that can not be expressed in a world because of the indescribable feeling. This feeling forces you to take care of your partner and dedicate yourself to your love life. But, over a time of love, this wonderful relationship goes through a rocky road, therefore surviving the relationship become a complicated cause of parents do not consent to marriage love for the sake of having different castes as well as shunt society, then the couple Striving to find out Love solutions to marriage problems Many times people thought that marriage should be carried out in the same religion and same distribution too.
The causes of that thought scarify the child's happiness and make a decision as society wishes.
However, some of the parents easily grant approval for the marriage of love because they give priority to their child's happiness instead of society. pt suresh sharma some have Orthodox thoughts; Do not …