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Too much business problem is unique, but the problems of solving business problems are not required to be reinforced when you are facing a problem. Take a systematic approach to solving all the problems so that you will not be able to find your business in constant emergency management. Running a business means solving problems, so facing problems with a well thought-out plan to avoid rash decisions.

You feel that there is no work in your business, but you will not be able to put your finger on it. Consider the time in which to describe the problem that repeats itself, so that you specify who or what blockades in the profitable flow of your business operations.

Why does the problem happen? Identifying the problem does not tell you the reason. For example, if the employee continually interferes with meetings, you can dig it into a cause and find that his talent is ignored. You can address it. Or if the products continually send late, you can find that the piece of machinery breaks constantly. Will suggest solutions to find the cause

When solving the problem do not settle for your first instinct 'Think about all the possibilities for solving the problem. For example, a problem-raising employee can solve different problems, but he can use his talents better and can once again promote passion. You can identify the cash flow problem which is repeated every month at a time. Your first consideration might be to ask for payment on all outstanding accounts, but you may find that restarting the date of the bill with the distributors may ease the problem.

Once you make your decision, send it completely and do not self-estimate yourself. Inspect your Solution Measure the effects of the solution you choose Look to see if it fulfills the previous difficulty, and make sure it does not present new problems. If your supervision shows that your choice of solutions is false, you can go into a new solution immediately.



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